In the past years I, Lodewijk van Walraven, have been researching zooplankton in Dutch coastal waters at the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (see Through my work I could discover the wonderful world of plankton. In the Netherlands, zooplankton is an understudied and poorly monitored taxonomic group, which means that this indispensable link in the food chain is unknown to most people.  With this site I want to inform about and generate interest in the special world of zooplankton in my backyard; the inland and coastal waters of the Netherlands. I have produced everything on the site myself unless indicated otherwise. Almost all the images on the site have been collected in Dutch waters. Any questions? Send me an email at

If you have a project for which you need advice and expertise in the field of zooplankton ecology or sampling, please feel free to contact me.

All text, images and videos on this site are copyrighted. Part of the footage on this site I collected while working at NIOZ is property of NIOZ and can for most (non-commercial) purposes be used free of charge, provided NIOZ and me are attributed. The other footage is available through my company Zeebeeld. If you would like to use any photos or videos please mail me for the conditions. 

Plankton sampling from NIOZ RV Stern on the Wadden Sea. Photo: Ewout Adriaans.